Product Refurbishment

Product Refurbishment & Repair

Top quality repair and refurbishing services.

With over 18 years' experience and owning one of the largest refurbishment facilities in Europe, we are able to provide top quality repair and refurbishing services to Manufacturers and Retailers.

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We maximise operational cost savings for our Partners over a broad variety of stock categories via

  • Highly skilled ‘in house’ refurbishment engineers
  • Scalable Labour resource
  • Strategic location within continental Europe
  • EC Membership
  • Fast Turnaround Times (TAT’s) ensuring high yields

We specialize in manufacturer-approved repairing services for established and new products.

Electronic categories include:

  • Small domestic appliances (SDA)
  • Medium sized appliances
  • DIY power tools
  • Petrol Engine Gardening products
  • Lighting devices
  • Telecom
  • Home Entertainment AV & Hi-Fi items
  • Full variety of consumer electronics and devices

Transparent progress reporting

  • Our refurbishing process allows flexibility and choice to our customers
  • We operate a fully integrated traceable system per SKU entered into our facility

We achieve the highest possible yields on returned stock through our proven refurbishing process

  • Receipting and sifting the goods by product category
  • Allocating UIDs to all items for full traceability and visibility of remedial work
  • Electrical safety and functional testing
  • Repairing, cleaning and grading on product specific lines
  • Packing and labelling according to Partners’ requirements
  • Quality control and warehouse management
  • Full reporting on operations, stock status and yields
  • Design improvements & returns reduction through FMEA (Fault Mode Evaluation Analysis)

Our own Partnership process model includes:

  • Mark all our products with specific color coded grading label
  • Mark all our products with a discreet “R” hot stamp, along with any additional ID required by our Partners.
  • Our Britcom warranty is identified with a “Recycle for Re Use” sticker placed on the products we re-sell on behalf of our Partner.